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Nascimento Pinto - Burrp User

Nascimento Pinto

May 30,2015

Great Ambience and Good Food

I went there for my birthday and did not expect it to be what it did! It's a cozy restaurant with great ambiance and fancy artwork on the walls which makes the place vibrant. We order a variety of dishes and they all did justice to their names and we were pretty impressed. They did not have too many desserts to offer and I think with a place like it, they should increase their dessert menu.
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therovingspirit - Burrp User


April 10,2014

Not Worth the Hype

I had read about this place on different sites and made a point to visit it while I was there in Chennai. The place didn't really live up to the expectations. There is no match between the price and the quality or novelty of the food. Its not that I was expecting a signature dish from them but the usual food they served did not have the taste to make eating there a unique experience. The service was not bad and the ambiance was good. You may give it a try but even otherwise it won't be a great loss.
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globetrotter87 - Burrp User


November 05,2013

That Epic Place!

I absolutely love this place. I have been there 4 times and all my experiences have been great! Top picks - Madras Poutine (french fries with a creamy sauce topped with jalapenos and cheddar) Dynabites - Jalapeno cheese poppers - classic fun, crunchy and yumm! Mushroom with creamy pepper sauce pasta - A hearty portion of mushrooms served with the pasta. The cream is just mind-blowing. Can't get enough of it. Eggplant Parmesan - The best eggplant Parmesan in town! The eggplant cooked to perfection with a tangy sauce topped with just the right amount of Parmesan. Pumpkin Ravioli with lemon buttered sauce - I had this during the Halloween festival. I am not a big fan of pumpkin usually, but the ravioli was enticing and decided to order it. I was soo glad I got it. The sauce was tangy and the ravioli was al dente (just the way I wanted it). I am going back for more. Dessert - Blondie and the old fashioned chocolate cake- heavenly! Drinks - Virgin Mojito - Fresh and perfect for Chennai's weather. The service is extraordinary. Staff is extremely friendly. Ambiance is pretty kick ass too. Designed for a true Chennai-ite! Meal for two is around Rs 1200.
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Ghumta Bhukkad - Burrp User

Ghumta Bhukkad

October 30,2013

Burrrpy Experience

I will thanks burrp! for this event , it was hosted by them. As it was a burrp! event our menu was pre-decided and it was chalked down in front of us in a pretty little board that you probably chance upon a fancy broad walk. Upon entering the place a petite garden lends its a charming air and menu is hand written on the wall with the graffiti describing Chennai. Carrot glazed soup :-  Was creamy and it was hard to find the taste of carrot in it ,it tasted good. Parsley Garlic Fries - it tasted great with the good old french fries getting a tasty twist of parsley and friend garlic bits with a little shredding of cheese. Black Pepper Spaghetti - Again here we must say that we have had better spaghetti with white sauce and mushroom bits in it. Also the black pepper was more prominent than anything else . We would definitely order something else the next time we visit.
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Blah  Blah - Burrp User

Blah Blah

October 22,2013

That Hyped Place

The ambiance is amazing of course but the food does not match it. The prices match the ambiance and not the food. So if you just want to spend some nice time at a nice place and ready to spend for it, go to That Madras Place, forget food. But we have parks and beaches for that sans spending! The service was good. They were very polite which is very essential for a place that serves food. They could really improvise on the cooking part and pricing should match it.
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Aarti Krishnakumar - Burrp User

Aarti Krishnakumar

October 15,2013

Too Soon to Tell

I was here on my Birthday for lunch with a dear friend. The interiors looked cool, the furniture was eclectic and funky, and the place had a very casual feel to it. We got comfortable, looked at the menu, and picked out the items we wanted to have. To start off with, we ordered potato fries with cheese on them and for the main, friend chose her favorite Aglio E Olio in penne while I chose another pasta with mushrooms. When we asked the staff if the pasta came with veggies, he said no, but they can add if we wanted. So we requested them to add veggies. And then when the dishes came to the table, there were no veggies. Mathangi then came over, told us it does not have veggies and she can get some if we wanted.. D'oh!! And to beat it, friend found hair in her pasta...( Anyways, we shrugged it off thinking teething troubles and asked for the cheque when Mathangi insisted we do dessert, especially since it was my Birthday. We ordered the blondie and that was yumm.. The total bill value for 2 of us worked out to nearly 1 k... Since then I have heard quite a few reviews, most of which were positive.
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