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Nithya Shree - Burrp User

Nithya Shree

December 24,2015


They have the best chicken wings in Bangalore ! They have 5-7 different sauces but my personal favs are the honey chilli wings and the barbecue wings . Crispy and perfect . They also have happy hours on beer and 1+1 on wings on Tuesday's
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Karthikp101 - Burrp User


November 18,2015

Humiliating experience

Humiliating experience

Very bad restaurant, very rude security. This place used to be our groups hang out place when we were in college. Today after a year we decided to have a reunion and we chose to meet at plan B. After traveling for an hour in Bangalore traffic once we reached plan B, we were told that they have no entry for stag. In no website have they mentioned about such a policy. Clearly the security arbitrarily selected our group and dint allow us to enter. They dint give us any reason and was very rude. He was acting like a rowdy and threatened us. This was in clear violation of the laws, I know the laws so I asked them to show there entry policy or rules that says that stags are not allowed. Security dint want to reason, they just Threatened to beat us up. We dint want to spoil our day, so we went to a different place. Overall very bad experience with this pub.
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Debolina Ray - Burrp User

Debolina Ray

February 28,2015


So Plan B is one of the original cool places amidst the new cool places that have come up, the likes of Monkey Bar and their own offset Mother Cluckers. The upsides, even though it's primarily a place for beer drinkers, there’s some good decent food choices for the grubbers, with a specialty in Coorgi dishes. I recommend the Pork Sundal, which is basically a fried dish, usually made with a lentil base. Here it's made of pork. Their chicken wings come in some crazy sauces. Good luck with those! And burgers are pretty nice as well, especially their spicy pork and lamb burgers, as well as the classic Juicy Lucy. Great place to hang with friends, with good music, chilled beer. Never grows old!
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navyadsouza - Burrp User


October 23,2013

Huge burgers and Great Vibe

Arrived at this place on a weekday night and it was crowded to say the least! Though we were just the two of us, the attendants gladly gave us a huge table for six since no other table was available. If you are looking for a quiet time then you've clearly come to the wrong place. The only thing louder than the chatter rising from the handful of tables is the music. But it makes for a pleasant, hip, urban pub experience. We quickly got down to ordering our food and beer. With the pitcher of beer, we went with a portion of their famous BBQ Wings in Spicy Garlic Sauce. The wings were juicy and the thick coating of hot garlic sauce made it a lip-smacking dish. We followed this with Cheesy Garlic Fries and since adding bacon was an option, we went ahead and asked them to add it. Unlike most places that serve Cheesy Fries, Plan B did not spare the cheese. The fries came doused in gooey cheese and bits of bacon that made this an absolutely drool-worthy deal. But the dish was really heavy! By the time the burgers arrived, we were pretty full. Still, we decided to trudge ahead. The Pigs in A Thermal Blanket was delicious and my partner loved it. I had ordered The Cheese Burger and out came a HUGE burger that took some hard work to wolf down. The burger had two beef patties that were filled out with cheese in the middle. While it was good, I wish I had asked the attendants about its size before ordering it. Totally my bad! For a great burger and a true pub experience just head to Plan B! :)
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twiferme - Burrp User


September 19,2013

Plan B

The food has been inconsistent - the first time I tried the philly cheese-steak, it was melt in the mouth! I loved it! So I ordered it the second time I went, but then it was too chewy. The barbeque wings were very tasty, and the beer was good! Service was good as well, and prices are reasonable, I guess to cater to the younger crowd. The one thing I do not like about the place is the pretentious bouncers and the admission policy. Me and a friend were turned away on a Wednesday night as it was no stag entry. C'mon guys - its a beer and wings joint - 2 things men really enjoy! It seems stupid to turn away clients from such a place just because they are men. Anyway, I didn't get the logic and haven't been to the restaurant since then. A shame!
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aruna narayanan - Burrp User

aruna narayanan

August 08,2013

For A Perfect Saturday Night!!!

Saturday night, looking for a watering hole that doesn't burn your wallet??? Plan B it is!!!!!! Visited Bangalore like after 3 months and heard so much about Plan B. Headed there with three of my friends on a Saturday night. Ordered a pitcher, cheesy garlic fries, potato skins loaded with vegetables and cheese and chicken wings in garlic sauce. Potato skins - Was okay. Nothing to complain about. Cheesy garlic fries - LIP SMACKING!!! i personally ensured that there was no bit of cheesy garlic left in the plate. Absolutely delicious. :) Chicken wings in garlic sauce - Though I am a fish-atarian, this was to die for as coined by my friends. (Star of our meal) We then ordered for one more pitcher, chicken wings in Rum sauce, 2 do not be a chicken burger, one stir fried mushrooms with herbed rice and one chicken steak. Chicken wings in rum sauce. Was good. This was really spicy . Its just 1 level less than their ABS sauce. But their garlic sauce is a true winner. Do not be a chicken burger - Big burgers. was good. Not great though. Chicken steak was good too. Stir fried mushrooms with herbed rice - I usually don't like the herbed rice served at restaurants, But this one at Plan B was very tasty. All of us kept digging into it. The mushrooms - oh my lord had a hint of sweetness but the cracking of pepper in your mouth is heavenly!! And hey, awesome service!!!! All this at Rs 3500 odd bucks. Total VFM. Food - 3.5/5 Service - 3.5/5 Ambiance - 4/5 VFM - 4/5
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

July 08,2013

Beef And Beer And Music

Same menu but change in presentation I guess. We ordered the ever famous "Juicy Lucy" which is basically, beef stuffed with cheese and more goo. They've changed the way it was presented. Earlier, it used to be one huge chunk of deliberately brutally sized meat chunk between some really weak and poor buns; not anymore. Two medium sized goo-stuffed burger patties placed one above the other between comparatively smaller buns was what 'she' was about. Never understood the point of stacking burger patties. It eventually ends up slipping around and creating a mess(until of course, they use meat glue). The earlier fact about Plan B was: Visually explosive while tasting just about OK which eventually gets boring, but this time, the taste stayed intact and was a much more pleasant experience. This is one of those "must have" dishes here. And of course, though watered-down beer, always is a good combination with beef :)
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kripee - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Great place to hangout

Good food and good music! This place has great atmosphere and has a buzz around it always. The food is delicious and the fiery chicken wings are truly fiery! If you want to just chill out, grab a beer and have some good food, this is an awesome place to go.
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Caleb Hobart - Burrp User

Caleb Hobart

May 10,2012

Other Reviews are Harsh - Austin,TX good vibe

It's a good little pub that has above average bar food. An excellent happy hour to 6pm buy 1 get 1 and a young crowd. Don't expect anything splashy, but the decoration was great. The music was as good as Indians can do, 80s rock. It's a little noisy, but you could still talk without yelling, but definitely a strong voice required. As far as how spicy the wings are - use caution with the hottest, but the rest are not bad at all, including the "second hottest". Table to table talk was welcomed and casual. Grant it, I am a Caucasian American. I was a little surprised how forward some of the women were, but I wouldn't say that is a horrible problem. As to negative aspects, the smoking area is small and in front of the door, but the alternative solutions would be much more frustrating.
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